TMNT 1:1 busts - prepare to be blown away!


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Howdy folks. Got myself an amazing surprise yesterday. 1:1 busts of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Words can't really describe how much of a fan I was of the turtles. When I was a kid, I couldn't get enough of them.

Lately there have been some great tmnt projects here on the RPF. Tom Spina fixed up a screenused suit a few months ago. There is some amazing mask and full costumes being made in the replica costumes section, and the junkyard.

With all these great projects out there, it got me wondering if I could find some accurate lifesized busts. That is after all, what I primarily collect.

A few months ago, through a bunch of searches, here on the RPF and other forums. I landed on ebay of all places. I saw that some guy was selling these amazing lifesized busts. (The Prop Shop Site - Casey Carty I immediately contacted him to see if he could change the orange Michelangelo headband to a blue Leonardo headband. The guy actually stated that this was purely a Michelangelo sculpt and could not be changed. He stated that he would be making the other turtles and that I should just wait.

So I waited, and checked ebay for this guy to pop back up with new sculpts. Lo and behold, a few months later, he has a Leo, Raphael and the original Michelangelo. I was BLOWN away by his pictures, they all looked different. Usually when people make TMNT stuff, they use the same base sculpt for all of them and just put different colored headbands on them.

Get this.... after a few days of gawking at the pictures, the seller contacted ME. He remembered me even after a few months. That was unbelievable. At this point I had to get all of them. By the way, I asked a few members here about The Prop Shop. Apparently Casey Carty, the guy behind it all is a good guy to deal with. You never know with ebay, so I had to check. Go here to see his website:

At this point Donatello hadn't been finished yet, so he said that he could send the first 3 and then I'd have to wait for Donatello. I sent payment, and after a week or so 4 giant boxes show up in my office! not 3... but all 4!

I left work early, and opened them all up -They were so awesome. I had a smile from ear to ear for hours. The best part is, you know that Mr. Carty is a fan of TMNT as well. He was able to capture all of their personalities perfectly.

In terms of the quality of these busts... the busts are made of a heavy resin. Real leather belts and decorations, and a real cloth bandana. It doesn't get any better than this. The paint job is beautiful and realistic. The eyes are nice and shiny giving a very lifelike appearance. He used high quality eyes, the iris' are very detailed and look real. You open the box, and you have a display worthy piece. No tweaking, no modifying.. nothing. Mr. Carty even put a piece of leather on the BOTTOM of the bust, to finish the piece and prevent the bust from sliding. Heck, my Iron Man bust from Sideshow doesn't even have that.

Okay - I've rambled enough. Onto the pics. I think you'll be happy. Remember to check out The Prop Shop Site

Some of the pics below are the prop shops - some are mine.










I actually used to read the scratchy little black and white indy comic. Still can't believe that property took off like it did.

Anyway, that's nice stuff, congrats on the score.
i remember seeing these on ebay from time to time and considered buying them. they look amazing in your pics! you can tell its a great sculpt, I just wish they captured the faces from the 1st film a little better. to me Mikey is the only one that looks spot on from the movies.
Oh Donatello, so serious. These look great. That movie likeness and the first animated series are the turtles I most associate with the franchise, even though I also saw the original comic series. If you haven't seen their last hurrah in Turtles Forever, it was... surreal.
These are ridiculously cool! Love the character in each piece. I'm just not a fan of the texturing personally... Love the paintwork though too! Cool pieces!
Wow, the textures on those guys is are the bandanas, eyes, sculpts, etc!

Those will go great with your collection! It's great to score something from a film that you loved as a kid!

Turtle Power!

You can trust Casey he's a good honest guy. I have purchased 3 pieces from him in the past.. A lazy jason vorhees eye, jason remake hockey mask, and a michael myers mask.

He does amazing work I have to say, and these turtles don't surprise me... the guy is very talented :)
Wow !!! Stunning bust,great detailing, texturing, paint's has it all.
Just had a look at the propshop website and he has some great stuff , the Wolfman he has is stunning
they are great pieces for sure-- but not "blown away" caliber-- But thats just my opinion-- Im sure you are Blown away with them-- Its all what each of us is into-- Congrats on the score.
they are great pieces for sure-- but not "blown away" caliber-- But thats just my opinion-- Im sure you are Blown away with them-- Its all what each of us is into-- Congrats on the score.

I hear ya' You're right. It is my opinion more than anything. They're not made of silicone or foam latex, they're not cast from the screen used molds, or any of those things that are coveted here on the RPF.

However, for me, they fulfill a old childhood dream and sometimes in prop collecting it's actually nice to step back and have some fun. Many of you have seen pics of my collection, I clearly spend time looking for screen accuracy, rareness, and unique items. It's just been a while since I've had something come in that; 1) I didn't have many props in the same genre and 2) really brought back some nice happy memories.

Sorry for misleading anyone if I did.
Im blown away too, they are so cool, theres no way near enough tmnt props out there, so really nice to see these, and i prefer that they are resin rather than latex..
Absolutely loved the Turtles as a kid, so these are really great to see!

Do you have a favorite? Personally, I think Leo looks the best.
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