Tjack The Amazing Spider-Man 2 kit Questions

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by AABC1999, Aug 3, 2015.

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    Hey guys, this is my first thread.
    I have a two questions for my TASM2 Tjack kit:

    *What's the best glue for it? for gluing the magnets to the domes and for gluing the domes to the frames. I heard good things about E6000 but i read it has chemicals that can cause cancer so i'm scared to get that close to my eyes.

    *i can't get a heat gun for now, what's better between a hair dryer and the boiling water method? i've tried with the hair dryer and it works til a certain point, the point of the frames that's next to the nose doesn't want to stay, am i doing something wrong perhaps?
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    I think the fumes of the E6000 causes cancer when it's not fully dry, that stuff has an extremely bad smell when it's still wet. So when you put some on your lens frames, you should let it dry for one or two days just to be sure. I'd go with the water boiling method.
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    From past experience I know that boiling water and the hairdryer will only get you so far. I guess it all depends on the temperature you reach with the boiling water or hairdryer, but neither of them worked for me. If you can't purchase a heatgun, try and ask around from friends. (A heatgun really is the best option) Other people have done radical things to shape their frames like holding them over an open flame for a couple of seconds or putting the frames in a microwave. I never personally tried these, but they have the potential to work.

    And also, hot glue is probably your best bet as an adhesive for putting this together. That's what I used. Superglue tends to make the domes cloudy, and the cloudiness will never come off. Not sure about E6000, i've never heard any testimonies on it when putting this kit together.

    Best of luck!

    FullSizeRender.jpg (Believe it or not, my left frame snapped in half, and the right frame snapped in one place. Take it from me, I know how to fix these frames :p)
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    loctite super glue gel (silver and blue bottle) works pretty well for lenses and magnets just use a little bit though, a little will go along way.
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    For shaping the frames I recommend holding them over the stove setting on high with a pair of tongs. That's how I re-shaped mine and they came out great.
  6. Cigs

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    Gorilla super glue works good
  7. yoopees

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    i used super glue with tweezers since the magnet sorta sticks to the tweezers was easy to apply (just a bit slow. I let the glue fully cure about a good 10 minutes before carefully removing the tweezers). My next step is to "cover" the back side with some sort of putty to re-enforce it and/or may just put a glob of super glue or a glue gun

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