Titanic (Pink Coat)


So, I know this forum is more about armor builds and stuff...
BUT there might be a user or two out there who likes the pretty/girly stuff as well. :angel

My new project is the pink coat from Titanic (1997), worn by Kate Winslet during the sinking.


I want to wear it to the screening of Titanic in 3D next year. :cool
Plus, it'll be my first costume that I can actually wear in public without being stared at.


I'm not selling my costumes (yet), but it seems there are enough people who do. :cool
So here are the pattern and the fabric I'm using:


The main thing to be adjusted was the collar, and the biggest challenge: EMBROIDERY!
Never done that before, but it actually worked out fine.

This is where I'm at right now:

I laid out the pattern with a cord and hand-stitched it on the collar, which took forever.
Will have to do the same for the back collar and the sleeves...:rolleyes

The coat also needs lining, hems, buttons, and pockets - still a lot of work to do!


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Me! I like the pretty ;)! I hope to start posting progress of my Labyrinth gown here sooner or later!

Looks awesome! The embroidery is turning out great! Is it wool you're using?

James Kenobi 1138

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Looking great so far !

Are you going to make Kate's outfit under the coat as well, or just wear the coat with your regular clothes for the movie premier ?


This is gorgeous! Would love to see close-ups of the embroidery if possible - and seconding the question above, are you considering making the dress she wears underneath at all? :)


Oh wow, where did all those comments come from?? :lol
Thaaaaaank you for your kind words, I'm so glad you like the project!

I'm so looking forward to your Labyrinth costume!
Yes it's pink wool, but I actually don't know what the black cord is made of... :$

I took a looooong Christmas break from sewing, but now I'm back at work.
Here's the current status:


The collar took me forever (no pattern, no experience, LOTS of embroidery).:rolleyes
The first sleeve is done, next are the second sleeve, lining, pockets, and buttons.

I will DEFINATELY make the dress underneath, but that'll have to wait.

Oh and here's a detail shot of the embroidery (click to enlarge).
Not sure if it helps, you cannot really see much on it...:confused


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Beautifully done!! :love

First time doing embroidery?? nothing like a project to inspire learning a new skill, eh?

This is one of those amazing pieces that you can just wear. Some will know (you will know) but it's gorgeous and stylish enough to be part of your wardrobe.


nothing like a project to inspire learning a new skill, eh?

Exactly! I would never have the patience to learn something like that if I didn't have a costume in mind.:cool
So here's the latest from the coat, it's pretty much done (except for button holes and lining):


I had the wig from a previous costume, and I think it works for Rose. :thumbsup
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