TITANFALL IMC Rifleman Pilot | In-Game Battle Damaged Helmet Replica

Props by Kyle

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[All images are attached] I am a huge fan of the TITANFALL theme! A year ago I was working on the master piece to mold and cast. I have made tons of casts and have finished multiple other versions (I hope to show you some of the previous ones!) This version, however, I set out to make it the best helmet replica I have ever made to this date. It's a personal copy of mine and I added multiple challenges. I wanted to have some "hardcore" battle scars such as the laser bolt damage on the top front and the exploded exterior in the rear. I wanted to make both (and the entire helmet) look as real and authentic as possible. I also wanted to add minor battle damage like scratches but to never repeat the same design. Some areas I specifically tried to make it look as if shrapnel hit the helmet. The antenna and ear system attachments were new elements I needed to add so I 3D modeled those, 3D printed them, cleaned up, molded and then cast them! I learned some basics of Adobe Illustrator so I could create the decals. The lighting was probably the most interesting systems to develop. First and foremost, the visor HAS to light up. So I conducted a handful of research, designing, and testing before coming up with the final solution for the visor. I also developed a simple system that I 3D printed to hold my LEDs at the desired angle towards the visor as well as simply "snap" onto the visor. I added a single light shinning from behind and out of the exploded exterior to simulate a "singe" effect. The visor illumination is on one circuit and all the other lights are on a second circuit.

I hope you guys like it! I have tons of build-progress images as well if anyone is interested. As always you can check out my following social media for continuous and previous build progress on all my builds!
Instagram: @Theitguy16 #vulcanarmoryprops
Facebook: www.facebook.com/vulcanarmoryprops

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