Tis' The Season...The Grinch: COMPLETED PICS UP!


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Hello all!

I wanted to start my thread for my Grinch WIP. I have already ordered the prosthetic kit and was looking for input on the fur choices. I messaged Jack of all Trades but no reply yet.

His thread is here http://www.therpf.com/f24/grinch-your-holiday-party-103387/

This is going to be an under-the-gun project (THE BEST KIND) so I wanted to order the fur today. I think I found two good options and wanted everyone's opinions before i fire away

The green mongolian hair
Green Mongolian Fur - Sy Fabrics


The Green long pile shaggy fur
Green Shaggy Fur - Sy Fabrics

My plan since i'm so short on time is to make long gloves maybe to my forearm, a balaclava type piece for my head, and a pair of pants with suspenders stuffed with a pillow and the santa hat, shoes, jacket will cover the rest. How many yards do you think it would take?

Thanks in advance. Hoping this thread will serve a purpose to others looking to build their own Grinch costumes!
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Re: Tis' The Season: The Grinch INPUT needed

Mongolian for sure, looks way more true-to-color and just sort of...grinchyer.
Re: Tis' The Season: The Grinch INPUT needed

Thanks guys i went the the mongolian and the prosthetic from fx warehouse. i think for temperatures sake i'm going with pants, arm pieces, and a head piece as i will be going for the "Santa Grinch" will keep with the updates!
Re: Tis' The Season: The Grinch INPUT needed

haha trust me already thinking about carrying around a prop dog with antlers. it's for a christmas ugly sweater party!
Re: Tis' The Season: The Grinch INPUT needed

Very interested in this project, and thanks for sharing! I want to make one for next Christmas. How's it coming along? Did you decide on how much fur you need? And did you find a decent bodysuit? Keep up the great work!
Re: Tis' The Season: The Grinch: PICS UP!

Thanks for the input guys and shout-out to Jack of All Trades for the inspiration from last year!

BODY SUIT - Ended up going with 5 yards of the Mongolian fur..i know, i know WAY TOO MUCH but since it was coming from California to me in Maryland I wanted to make sure there was enough! The fur got here the 5th and the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party was the 8th and there was no problems getting it all done in time. I didn't use a pattern or anything but I would say it could be done with 2-3 yards because even with 2 "mess up" hands I still have a lot of fur left.

As I said before, for body temp's sake I went with 2 arm pieces, a pair of pants w/ suspenders, and a balaclava and then I made the shoes from an old pair of work shoes and EVA foam as well as retrimming the cheap-o jacket I got from a costume store.

On to the pics!













Amazing ! I am in the process of trying to make my own for a christmas party this year. You posted you didnt use a pattern for the pants, did you have any trouble or have any advice you could give me on the pants ? I am doing the same thing but I am using my pants from my Vader as reference but only have enough material for one shot. Were you able to move and sit ok ?
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