Tips for sewing Jedi cloth, aka crinkle cotton

Bizarro Lois

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I'd like to make myself a proper set of Jedi clothes. I didn't have a specific character in mind, but I'd probably start with something basic like the inner and outer tunics. I tried to make a top out of a similar fabric, and the crinkles came out after I sewed the seams. Should I be gathering the material or using a specific kind of stitch to prevent that from happening?
I've been on that site before. I didn't see any instructions for sewing the fabric, just fan suggestions for patterns and a way to make a tunic using a t-shirt as a model. I'd also be interested in a real pattern, made the same way as the ones in the movies.
Typically when I sew, I tend to pull the fabric from the front and the back while I guide it under the presser foot. As you discovered, that pulls the crinkles out of crinkle cotton. To keep the crinkles, guide the fabric from the front only and lightly push it under the presser foot.

I have also pressed the fabric before stitching. Don't push the iron over the fabric; lift it up and set it down.

A third way is to use a piece of tissue paper underneath the bottom fabric. You can guide the fabric by holding onto the paper. Tear the paper away after stitching.

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