Tinted clear coat?


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I've got one of those cheap Chinese Airsoft Mausers that I'm using for a Solo blaster and would like to darken up the near-orange grips. But I like the wood grain streaks they put in there. Any products that could darken up w/out covering up? (I could also use this kind of product on my kitchen cabinets).




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Well there is a solution for both. Home Depot sells a product called POLYSHADES. It is basically a all in one finish that has a mixture of stain and poly to create wood grain on any surface. The texture of the wood grain is controled bu the thickness of the bristles on your paint brush. So if you paint in a wavy pattern it leaves wavy lines as wood grain. I used it on laminated cabinets and they had a final finish of cherry wood. The stuff works best when you lay the cabinets on a table, but it still can get a great finish on a vertical surface if you dont load the brush up to much to where it will drip and run down the surface.


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Well there's Tamiya's Smoke transparent paint that could be airbrushed onto the grips. Although, while I'm sure it would work on the cabinet doors, it don't think it would be cost effective for that application :)
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