Question Timeline for complaint/s for no delivery from a Junkyard run?

Discussion in 'Site Support & News' started by Shylaah, May 3, 2012.

  1. Shylaah

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    How long should one wait from the date items were promised to be
    shipped by before one starts the posting of complaints about a run in
    the Junkyard that seems to have gone south?

    As usual, the seller has been beset by more woes than one would
    think possible, hasn't logged on in a week and has been rather slow
    with responses since getting everyone's money.

    The item in question is a resin cast, not very elaborate or difficult.

  2. ONEYE

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    If you have to ask the question, it's time.
  3. Wes R

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    Before you reach the point paypal wont' refund you.
  4. epilepticsquirl

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    Unless you really trust the person, and I mean really really trust him/her; give it 40 days and then post a PayPal complaint. How long they've been a member doesn't count for jack in my opinion.

    There are few I would make an exception for but I can count them with my hands.
  5. Shylaah

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    Thanks guys. Well, the deposit was paid 29 DEC 2011, so that is long gone on the paypal, but for the final payment, the paypal deadline was about April 30th. I got a friend to pay for me on their account, and they already filed a over a week ago, which expires on May 13th, and he said he'd elevate it to a claim before then, one day next week if the seller doesn't get the refund. Seller didn't respond to the dispute via paypal, but did send me an email.

    Seller agreed to refund the money, then claimed he didn't know how, then claimed he couldn't because it went into dispute. I asked him couldn't he just make the refund via a payment and then he said he didn't have any money, that it would be the next week --which was 9 days ago-- before he'd have money on his cc. I emailed him a couple of hours before I started this thread if he had the money and there has been no response.

    There's a lot more details, but it would just get boring........I was just wondering if there was a time frame before one should bring such things to the attention of the membership and mods/admins, or if there is any kind of "procedure" to follow other than to begin the lambasting of the seller in his junkyard INT/sales thread.

    Also, paypal is so freakin' unpredictable, and can't always be counted on to do the right thing, I am wondering if my friend should just go the credit card charge back route??

    EDIT: Paypal has wronged me in the past and the reason I don't currently have an account, but hey came through on this one. Seller never responded to the escalated claim and when the 10 days expired, Paypal ruled for a refund, which was received this AM.

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