Teckno viking

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Got this a couple of years ago from Abrahams in Mexico.

Damn fine piece of work it is too. Plus came with a mini Death Trooper skull helmet (about 1/4 scale?).

Anyway, I have seen most go with a Dark Grey Skull face and one added Tusks (bloody awesome idea). I went with White more So as I have a Marvel comic CROSSBONES mask (from 4th Wall). Seemed the perfect idea for when I remove the lid still representing SKULLS.

Waiting on Red Cogs and possibly adding a different lens tobthebones supplied.

I know Not 501st clear able but will have fun when doing my own thing, plus Not going to see this Tie Skull pilot be mistaken for Vader lol


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Teckno viking

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Thanks DiggsBarklightr.
Oh I have no beef this not being 501st clearable, as said this is for me and fun.
Not sure how many skull tie lids got sold to the UK. Either way will be fun for me.

Teckno viking

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Red Cogs arrived and applied.

Also found a German seller who does Dark Red lenses, which I think I will go with.
The Dark Red lenses should work better with the Skull, than the supplied Mirrored Metallic Red style I currently have.


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