TIE Pilot Helmet *best* Gun metal paint?


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Doing a small paint job for a local who wants me to add some gun metal highlights to his helmet, but I'd like to find the best paint available. He does not want a brushed look like the screen used helmets. I did some research and it seems that Humbrol #53 is what was used for the originals. However, while I can get it in a bottle, the spray form so far is only delivered in the UK. The one US supplier has this paint as backordered...

So I've been looking at alternatives and it popped up that Tamiya's X10 gun metal is a good alternative...however, X10 is in a bottle, not spray form, and they're spray paints are all designated in their own way, with no "bottle to can" conversion that I've seen

So...I'd like to hear from experience...thanks!


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I've used Model Masters "metalizer" paints with great success in the past. I used it for highlights, rubbing it on then buffing it in key areas. Things came out looking very natural.
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