Tie fighter studio scale with Kool shade


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Looking for some help with an item I have. My late brother has some part built models one of which is a Tie fighter which has some 'kool shade' wings. I'm wondering how to price this as I've had an offer on it but really don't know if it's correct.


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Sorry for your loss. I am not versed in SW studio scale items, but others can certainly comment. FYI it is my understanding that there were two versions of kool shade, a vintage style and a newer/style. They are similar, but different and I am not entirely sure about how they are different. I am only mentioning this since the vintage stuff is what was used on the original models, so whichever version you have (as well as the kit maker) can affect the value of the model. Hope it helps and best of luck to you!
Sorry for your loss. What you have there appears to be solid cast wings. If they were koolshade the price would be,I think,in the 4 figures,this here would be between 450-500 as a ’new’ kit. I think i Paid 350 for mine from Steve 10 years ago.
I concur with Fett-ish, this appears to be cast wings, NOT kool shade wings.

The correct kool-shade material is extremely rare and goes for thousands of dollars (for enough to make a Tie Fighter).
I no longer have enough vintage Koolshade to sell for a complete TIE Fighter -- only two more sections enough to make vent rings for the 5-foot Falcon build.

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