TIE Fighter Mohawk is how wide?

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Jimbo890, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Jimbo890

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    I've been thinking about building up a kit, and was wondering if the width of the mohawk is 3 inches exactly, or more like 3.25. I know it's wider than the 2 inch wide X-wing helmet mohawks.
  2. Hermes

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    Jim, hi.

    I am now not sure, however, I BELIEVE it´s 3 inches.

    I hope to have been of service here.

  3. troopermaster

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    It looks more like 3.25,maybe slightly wider according to the pic over on 'starwarshelmets.com'.I'm sure you've already looked there Jim,but the pic with the tape running over the top of the Tie helmet shows it's wider than 3".Look at the bottom of the 'original Tie pilot helmet' page if you haven't already looked there.

  4. voice in the crowd

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    SDS is 3.25 inches.

    Cheers Chris.
  5. Dreadmel

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    I concur with Voice
  6. Treadwell

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    FWIW, my Don Post Classic Action is 3 3/16". Which means 3.25 is probably correct, given that the DP has probably undergone shrinkage along the way.
  7. TMP

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    Why dont use CM.. And MM .. ALLOT more accurate :$

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