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I needed a Tie Fighter to go with my Hasbro Hero X Wing Conversion....found a TFA Tie Fighter with only one wing in a second store which was good, because I planned to make (bigger) new wings and paint.

Ran a PVC pipe through the turret/cockpit and added some bits, the wings are fly screen, I didn't go with the multi angled grid pattern, but the colour is supposidly spot on.

I'm not a purist when it comes to scale or accuracy I just go with what works for me.... the X Wing is about 1/18 and the Tie similar, so nice and big which was the goal with both ships.....

X Wing HH.JPG a2.png a1.png TFA TIE.jpg 20211226_170614.jpg 20211211_164511.jpg 20210914_151630.jpg IMG_4380.JPG 20210913_123853.jpg 20211226_130848.jpg 20211226_131650.jpg 20211226_112525.jpg 20211127_174403.jpg 20211126_174640.jpg 20211226_165446.jpg 20211204_155753.jpg 20211204_155952.jpg 20211204_160354.jpg 20211227_145632.jpg

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