Tie/ D Interceptor Variant Scratch-Build


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I have never made a Tie Fighter so I was looking through the Essential
guide book and saw this design. I liked it a lot and just happened to have
a half of a globe laying around from an old toy. SO that's the story and motivation, it's around 2.4 X's bigger than the MPC Tie Interceptor kit, but
the ball is smaller than the Studio Scale Standard Tie's ball when formed.

From the Essentials book

Up on the former I only had half of the globe so I had to form
it in 3mm Polystyrene.


Little rough needing some sanding around the

Sanded and smoothed out a bit.....

Scale shot with MPC Tie Interceptor


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Thanks Brah....:thumbsup

I went ahead and formed a few more so I could make
the top hatch and view port, still need another for
the lower hatch.

Here is the hatch sanded down to the correct

I just sat it up there and traced a line around the hatch,
so I would have a reference of where to cut away.

I marked two circles one outer and one inner, the outer was left
to be flat sanded the inner I dremeled out.

The flat sanding gives you the lip for the hatch to sit on.

Here is the lip I mentioned.

Top hatch test fitting.

Reference circle for the front view port.....done the same way
as the top hatch.

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Starving right now Ray don't talk about food!:lol

I was snooping around in my Saturn 5 parts stash,
and I came up with a different look for it. I am going
for a shroud look where the pylon connects to the hull,
the parts fit just about perfect! Plus they get me off the
hook of making all the connective stuff from the pylon to
the hull! LOL Although I will make some it can be much less
which I like!

Here are the parts I had to open them
up to fit the 3/4 PVC pylon I am using.

For the rear part I had to again do the same thing
dremel it away then flat sand to create the lip
I was looking for.



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Great build,but damn I was hopeing to see how you made the pylons like on the standard Tie.Very nice build.



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Great build,but damn I was hopeing to see how you made the pylons like on the standard Tie.Very nice build.

Sorry Dave.....LOL
Thats where I am going to be putting the cannons...not
going to be enough room for all that....but something I will make!:lol:thumbsup


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A snip here and a snip there and all of a sudden it's a
TID (Tie Interceptor Drone) !:lol:thumbsup

The snipping process.....

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