Thundercats Ho!!

Simon Bowers

New Member
I've recently been reminiscing of my childhood by watching the re - imagined Thundercats Cartoon, whilst it has nothing on the original (in my opinion) i am still enjoying it. This got me thinking about how cool it would be to make a life size possibly driveable Thundertank (original version of course). Has anyone on here attempted anything like this? I wouldn't have the mechanical know how to do such a thing so just a pipe dream for me but would be interested to see anyone's attempts that may have or may not have occurred.
Hopeing soon to get started on my cat claw and sword of omens very soon :)


Sr Member
I grew up on Thundercats and Voltron.

A life-size OG thundertank would be menacing to say the least. With deep enough pockets, it could be done.
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