Throw the switch Igor!


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I had this idea to have a Dr F switch in my house. However, it would be exposed electrical, right? Would there be a way to simulate that kind of switch?


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Saw this on it might be useful to you.

Frankenstein Light Switch



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They sell light switch covers like that on Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, etc. Look around and see if any of those will work for your needs.


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The one breen2057 put up is what I was thinking. It's basically something you install over a standard switch. Going to a rocker light switch makes it really easy to build a fake switch over it. As Moviefreak said lots of people sell stuff like that. It's not hard to make, but there are so many options already out there. If I were making it I'd add some unconnected wires to make it look more real.


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Remember when you use it to do your best Maniacal Laughter as tradition requires. Thunder and Lighting would be a nice addition but hard to arrange in advance.

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