Throw it away? No, that kind of looks like...

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by joeranger, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. joeranger

    joeranger Sr Member

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    I, mean if I cut this part off, paint these, add some bits and pieces...

    Have you ever seen a piece of junk and said, "OMG, I could make a _______ out of that?" Let's face it. That's how the real prop guys do it.

    I know these are not SA Ecto-goggles, but they will be good enough for my Ghost party.

    This was the attachment for the old water softener. Plumber was going to throw it away...

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  2. Filandrius

    Filandrius Well-Known Member

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    It look like the goggles from Splinter Cell. Insane.
  3. PoopaPapaPalps

    PoopaPapaPalps Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Have you ever seen a piece of junk and said, "OMG, I could make a _______ out of that?"...

    All the time; it's made me a bit of a pack-rat because of it. :facepalm
  4. Michael Bergeron

    Michael Bergeron Legendary Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    My wife gets mad at me because I hoard stuff like that...

    "But Hunny, I could make so many cool things!" :lol
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  5. Flagg

    Flagg Sr Member

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    Im in the same boat. My wife gives me crap about being a "hoarder" because of this. I guess two cardboard boxes to hold ALL my paint, brushes, tools and odds and ends makes me a hoarder. :p
  6. joeranger

    joeranger Sr Member

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    Sorry guys, didn't happen with out pics. Post your junk to prop conversion.

    And yes. These are going to be a splinter cell/ecto hybrid once I get the green LEDs and lenses in them.
  7. Too Much Garlic

    Too Much Garlic Master Member

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    It does have that strange resemblance to some weird night vision goggles.
  8. Angelus Lupus

    Angelus Lupus Sr Member

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    Nice find! Stick some LEDs on there and it's good to go!
  9. Wes R

    Wes R Legendary Member

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    Don't look in my closet or you'll see a bunch of organized storage containers for bits and bobbles that i said that about lol.
  10. Sluis Van Shipyards

    Sluis Van Shipyards Master Member

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    I have whole boxes of neat looking stuff that will be useful at some point! :lol
  11. StarKill3r

    StarKill3r Member

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    Are you kidding me ? If I get caught bringing home one more old DVD or VHS player to take apart in the garage and sort into individual containers I might be single soon...
  12. Mara Jade's Father

    Mara Jade's Father Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I don't know, junk is junk.

    For example...

    The other day I was going through some old boxes and I found a flash for an old Graflex camera. However I no longer have the camera so what the hell am I going to do with a stupid old Graflex flashgun? It's junk, so I tossed it.
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  13. CSMacLaren

    CSMacLaren Sr Member

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    Must... visit... Home... Depot....!
  14. CJS

    CJS Well-Known Member

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    It puts the lotion in the basket or it gets the hose again,,,, it puts the lotion in the basket,,,,,,,,,,PUT THE ****ING LOTION IN THE BASKET!
  15. joeranger

    joeranger Sr Member

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    Oh, someone just had to go there
  16. Apollo

    Apollo Legendary Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Love it!

    The Pros would be proud!!

  17. pfillery

    pfillery Active Member

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    I never throw anything away for that reason!
  18. dropshipbob

    dropshipbob Sr Member

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    That's going to look pretty kick * Joe!
  19. Noeland

    Noeland Sr Member

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    A few years back I was working on 3 blasters at the kitchen table. Mostly unpainted resin pieces. Some of them very small. I leave the house to go get some smaller screws and some JB weld. While I'm gone my wife and her friend arrive at the house, deem everything on the table garbage, and throw it ALL in the trash.

    I kind of flipped out when I got home. :) The first words out of my mouth "That's not JUNK! You don't just throw this stuff away!" She has not touched my prop stuff ever since, and has taken to calling me a pack rat, and hoarder.

    And occasionally she has actually asked me before throwing something away "Can you make a prop out of this, or is it garbage?"

  20. jonny5

    jonny5 Sr Member

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    I sort of have the reverse situation. My wife and her famliy are all pack rats. Only my mother-in-law is an actual horder. I have grown very cautious about asked my wife to save any type of items for hobby projects.

    Ten years ago I needed a few Fuji Film cannisters for a lighsaber project. I really only needed one, but ended up using three as I killed two with practice attempts gone wrong. She told her sister and for more than a year family members were giving me bags of the silly things.

    Two years ago she saw me nab a couple empty cereal boxes out of the trash as raw materials for cardboard mock-up buildings on my model railroad. Within a week she had acquired dozens of them.

    Now if only she could scrounge up things like the MST3K 'Gypsy' Century car seats or R2D2's Viscount lamps in those quantities.
  21. belsilene

    belsilene Active Member

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    It happens to me constantly. You should have seen his face when I told my mechanic to give me the old brake discs of my car because they were very nice. Still do not know why, but I have in them the garage.
  22. Wes R

    Wes R Legendary Member

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    My dad's like this. I'd throw out old comic book related magazines or anything like that and he'd dig them out and set them aside as if they're going to be worth something. We're opening an attic window when it gets warmer and throwing anything that can fit through it out. My mom gets on my case yet i have like 5 things up stairs: a box of books to donate, and the boxes for some game systems and collectibles. Heck my dad stuffed the tv i was going to put out for trash day up there despite knowing the picture tube is going bad.
  23. Canobi

    Canobi Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    A man after my own heart. I too get the "it's just junk, get rid" lecture from my wife . So to prove I actually do stuff with all the items I collect (this month it been nerf guns for my kids), I present

    "The Pug"

    Early concept (hand wash bottle and barrel from a broken fishing net)

    Added some features (component trays that get chucked out at work)

    And used the handles from a fold up plastic box to make the stock.

    It's not quite finished yet as there are still a few bits that still need painting, and I'm going to add a gun light (plastic water pipe clip from work again for a cool £1.50 torch I got).
  24. Jedifather

    Jedifather Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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  25. Dewka

    Dewka New Member

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    My wife and freinds have learned the very same thing. NOTHING gets thrown away. I made her a cutting torch for her Moisture Farmer out of some piece of plastic junk from the thrift store, assorted junk aircraft AN fittings, A D ring, washers, rivets and crud...with a good , used coat of paint!
  26. CJS

    CJS Well-Known Member

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    My GF just gave me her broken canister vac. She said maybe I can use it to make a robot leg or something lol.
  27. Tobot

    Tobot Active Member

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    Those look great, and considering the trouble I'm having getting a set of An/pvs-5a goggles or even just frames to the uk , these could end up being an option for mine too
  28. Nerfenstein

    Nerfenstein Active Member

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    Oh thank goodness .. I thought I was turning into one of those hoarder people you see on the tele lol.

    Clearly this is just normal and acceptable behavior for people getting into prop making.

  29. ApertureSpace

    ApertureSpace New Member

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    You could have easily made a profit selling that flashgun. The only reason I will throw away junk is if it is a scrap or torn part of something. My old DVD player turned out to be a treasure trove of LEDs and switches as well as some small motors. It goes to show that supposed junk (especially old marker caps) can be really helpful in almost any project.

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