Thrift store Jack Sparrow


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Ok so I have decided to upgrade my current Jack costume (Which is basically a modified Disney licensed costume) to make it less "off the shelf" and gather my own parts to make it look better but also do it on a budget.

Today I made my first purchase of Jack's pants, which was from a local thrift store for $3 in the women's section.


I will post more as I find more items and modify them.


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so from looking around the web i can see a lot of controversy over the actual colour of Jacks pants, as some say blue, some say brown others say greyish. These pant were cheap so if need be i can easily buy a different colour.

My question is, what colour do you think jacks pans should be???


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Ok, had a look myself and Im gonna try and find some brown pnts similar to the ones I have just bought, and if i cant find anything I will dye the colour from the blue pants and try to dye they darker brown and stone them.
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