Thrift store find: StarLyte laser pistol


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I find lots of thrift store guns to paint and modify, but this one looks too cool to butcher:


It's a StarLyte laser tag pistol from the 1980's. Sound effects and muzzle flash still work, although the laser does not . . . unless it's infrared.


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It is infrared I believe. I have one somewhere in my parents basement (which I took completely apart as a kid).

Still a great looking gun! Congrats!


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Gone but not forgotten.
Good find. I have a few of these that still work. And yes, it is infrared. One of the great things about the StarLyte is its size. It's made for adult hands, nice and comfy to hold as well. Check to see if your red dot still works. Pull the trigger half way and look down the "scope" You should see an illuminated dot in there. You can pop off the "U" shaped piece over the scope and adjust for windage and elevation!!!!
These were truly advanced toys for their time. A few years ago I replace the IR sensor with a green laser module. Pull the trigger and you can see it firing a "green laser beam"!


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very interesting find.
It looks allot like a Star Trek TNG Romulan Disruptor.
I wonder who stole from whom on the design :confused


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Damn it! That's probably the second Lazer Tag gun I've been looking for! J/k.

But seriously, I got one of those at a Goodwill in Valdosta, GA about a year and a half ago. It's sitting next to my Lazer Tag lunchbox.

My advice to you OP, don't butcher it. Leave it as it is, put it on a shelf to display in whatever collection you have. :)
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Solos blaster

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I almost bid on two complete sets,(gun, target, holster and chest straps for the target), of these on ebay a week or two ago because the starting bid was 10.50. I've seen some of these auctions for for up to a hundred bucks easily...and this one didn't...I believe it didn't go over $15 :facepalm.

My buddy had two sets when we were kids and they were everything from han solo blasters(even though he had one of the hasbro ones haha), stormtrooper blasters, to our own advanced war/weapon McGuffins that we would save the day with...ahh memories.
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