Interest Thranduil's Elven crown: Hobbit battle of 5 armies


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Would anyone be interested in a Thranduil Elven crown from the Hobbit battle of five armies? I might also make this into a cold cast with aluminum so it can be polished a bit to look more like metal. I have a 3D printer now, and I'm going to start making a few 3D prints of some of my INT threads including this one, so stayed tuned and let me know if your interested.

1.) 3D printed crown - unfinished (paint gem etc..)
2.) 3D printed crown - Finished (paint, gem, detail work)

I'm unsure of the prices at this point, but I wanted to gauge the interest to see if enough of you out there would like to have the crown.
If I get an interest of at least 10 people I'll go ahead and model the crown and get a 3D print made.


Interested List:

1.) misterLamont
4.) Foedhrass (finished version)
5.) Captainjake (both crown and stone)
6.) feedmyfunny (both crown and stone)
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Also, kind of random, but could someone tell me how to make the title of the thread Bold text and I also noticed if I hover of the RPF logo next to almost all threads, there is a little message you can read...How would I do that as well.

sorry weird place to ask this question, but I looked around and couldn't find the answer, so any help would be appreciated


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I plan on modeling this piece shortly, I have another INT thread about angel, demon, and word of God tablets from the supernatural series that seems to be getting more interest that this piece, so I'll be modeling the tablets first and then I'll model this.

Hopefully while I'm modeling the tablets this piece can gain some interest, I thought more people would have been interested in this cool crown. COME ON PEOPLE!! lets do this :D lol


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Hi, well it's hard to gauge right now because I haven't made the model yet, but I'm thinking the 3D file might be around $50
As for the 3D printed crown price I would need to model it first to see how much volume/material it would end up taking to gauge an accurate price range.
And once I have that price I could get a good idea of the 3rd option, the 3D printed crown all finished up with paint and gem.

I may be able to offer this in a 3D metal print as well.

If more interest is shown I can go ahead and start modeling the crown and get this thing rolling!


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Hey! I'm super interested. I have a 3D printer I can test on and I can try some modelling as well if you wish!
Hit me up if you want to talk.

Hey glad to see your interests! I'm good on the modeling side, it's cool that you have your own 3D printer, perhaps I can offer the 3D printable files for this item as well. The holidays slowed things down a bit, but I'm back in full swing again and should be modeling this piece very soon!
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