Thoughts on Flynn white deluxe disc?


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So I know the Flynn discs were hard to find from the start. Factor in that not one store in Canada were ever supplied with any deluxe identity discs.

I had bought 2 Rinzler, 2 Sam, and one Flynn disc between Ebay and a friend in the USA.

I see the Flynn discs are selling on Ebay currently for $50-$60 each, so there's still demand obviously.

I think I just lucked out today. My brother sends me a message, he's at a Winners store here, says they have all three versions of discs there for $9.99 each! I had him pick me up three Flynn discs, for a total of $34.00 CAD.

Now I just need to get going on getting at least one of my discs converted with an LED upgrade. :)

I can't confirm for all locations, unsure if maybe it was overstock or something that their US locations shipped up here to try to sell off.

They didn't have many, 3 Rinzler, 3 Sam, 3 Flynn (now no Flynn).

But yes, no one has seen the deluxe discs in store in Canada.

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