Thoughts, ideas, & suggestions for muscle suit build...for a newb


I am a newb to this site and to costuming in general. My hope is to replicate the Man of Steel costume for my first project. One of the first and probably most important steps will be the muscle suit.

With the wealth of knowledge on this site, I was hoping to get some expert advise and different methods for accomplishing this task. Thanks in advance!
Someone here made a Muscle suit for their Predator from a "Mr. Incredible"



Mr. Incredible Muscle Adult Costume
I've made a few in my time. Basically, make two bodysuits(with a raglan sleeve), stitch where you would find the musculature, cut open the back, stuff and sew the cut up by hand. Remember to make the bodysuit loose, as stuffing can make it fit very snug:) reminder: this will not give you muscles in the neck area!
Good stuff. Here's what I had in my head, feel free to correct my thought process where needed.

Duct tape body double, form fitting undersuit, sculpt the individuial muscles in clay, make a mold from the clay(not sure whether to do rigid or flexible, which ever is cheaper) cast in...latex foam, urethane???, and attach to suit.

I'm sure there are plenty of holes in my plan, what do you think?
Re: Thoughts, ideas, & suggestions for muscle suit

Probably my biggest question is what to make the mold from and then what material to use for the muscles
Re: Thoughts, ideas, & suggestions for muscle suit

I second the Mr Incredible costume. its generic and takes to paint fairly well. used that as my base for my TMNT costume and was flawless. However, if you want this to be econimcal and somewhat comfortable I could suggest maybe getting a dark blue fabric body suit. have a buddy wear it and go over it with an airbrush or fabric pen to outline the scale like pattern it has. wear an muscle foam chest underneath and boom. your dunzo.
Re: Thoughts, ideas, & suggestions for muscle suit

Or you could go to the gym.
as much as i second that, you can go to the gym every day for the rest of your life, and still wouldnt be able to look like the comic heroes, if you go for something like that
I'm new to this too. I was thinking of creating the duct tape model.

Then get a flesh coloured shirt/spandex to put over it.

Cut out individual muscles and glue to the shirt. (not muscle groups...but muscles. So your shoulder would be 3 pieces, not 1 and each pec would be 3 or more peices)

Once the muscles are done, you ad some twine or thick string for veins.

Paint the entire thing flesh colour (optional)

Wear this muscle suit UNDER another outer layer of fabric with all the pattern/detail.

You can then airbrush if necessary.

Add the \S/ and the weird alien plasitc piping ;)

Just my 2 cents. I've given this some thought for a Captain America build I'm working on.
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