Thor's Stormbreaker out of EVA Foam (Love & Thunder & Infinity War)


I've been wanting to build Stormbreaker since I saw Infinity War, but I just couldn't seem to make room for it in my schedule. I was flipping back and forth between using EVA foam or 3D printing it. So, obviously EVA foam won out, and I figured with the Love & Thunder coming out now would be the perfect time to attack this build.
Everything is EVA foam, except for a PVC pipe support in the handle, and rope supports in the "vine" pieces.

Here is the building process video and some build pics.

Stormbreaker 1.jpg

Stormbreaker 2.jpg

Stormbreaker 3.jpg

Stormbreaker 4.jpg

Stormbreaker 5.jpg
Stormbreaker 6.jpg

Stormbreaker 7.jpg

Stormbreaker 8.jpg

Stormbreaker 9.jpg

Stormbreaker 10.jpg

Stormbreaker 11.jpg

Stormbreaker 12.jpg

Stormbreaker 13.jpg

Stormbreaker 14.jpg

Stormbreaker 15.jpg

Link to template:

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