Thor's Movie Mjolnir...for weaklings...FINAL PRODUCT PICTURES ADDED


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I picked up one of Eaglewoods great aluminum hammer heads a few weeks back. Any one in the market should def. take a look at them...Clay does a great job.

A beast weighing in just over 20lbs.

With my gym membership expired I quickly went to town on having as much aluminum removed as possible...reducing the weight to a manageable 13 lbs.

The material below the scroll work on the ends was removed as well as all material below the cap stone...just leaving enough material on the bottom of the hammer to secure the handle.

The test scroll inlay that I did is "OK"...but with a 1/32 endmill took FOREVER...and the results still are not as fine as I would like them.

If anyone knows of a supplier for some kind of deep aluminum etching or something I would love to hear about it. I am trying to go down about 1/32 in depth with the inlay on a 1/8 piece of aluminum.

The plan is to hard anodize all of the aluminum grey-ish and then go back in and weather/age it relative to the supplied pic....thats why all of the various bits will need to be aluminum.

Tomorrow I am going to machine the runes into the new cap stone...completing that part of it.

Thanks for looking.

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Re: Thor's Movie Mjolnir...for weaklings

I found a supplier for deep laser etching in aluminum so my initial scroll work inlay is garbage bound.

Looking forward to seeing the blanks come back.

I also opted to have the cap stone runes etched in.

0.006" diameter laser vs the 0.0325" end mill that I was using should hopefully make a big difference.

If any one is muscling through the scroll work...I have included the reference that I used from the Making of Thor book (a great all around ref by the way) as well as a 1:1 PDF of the file.

Please note that the spacing in between scroll lines has been set to a value relative to the laser engraver...

I will post some results when I get the parts back.
Re: Thor's Movie Mjolnir...for weaklings

Small but exciting update.

I received some pics from the company doing the laser etching on my aluminum plates for the scroll work and the runes on the top of the hammer.

Based on the pics I am pretty excited...things look way better than the milling attempt that I did.

Once back in house I think a little hand work to round things over a bit and it will be ready for final finishing.

Hope to have the head finished before end of the month.
Re: Thor's Movie Mjolnir...for weaklings

The laser engraved plates and capstone arrived and I couldnt be happier.

The scroll work is much better than the attempt that I did on the mill. I guess thats the difference in a laser diameter of 0.006" and a mill cutter of 0.032"

The handle is being machined currently so hopefully this project will be wrapped up more sooner than later.
Re: Thor's Movie Mjolnir...for weaklings

This is OUTSTANDING...beautiful engraving!
Re: Thor's Movie Mjolnir...for weaklings

Man that is definitely NOT WEAK. It's probably the best-looking metal Mjolnir I've seen yet! :love:love:love
Re: Thor's Movie Mjolnir...for weaklings

Thanks guys...

Labour of love as per always.

The Odin weapons vault stand would finish this thing off nicely when it ever gets finished.

D@*m....going to have to move into a bigger house soon...or get a handle on these pet projects.
Re: Thor's Movie Mjolnir...for weaklings

VERY NICE!! I may have to get myself one of those! Fantastic job and great work looking to different ways of doing the scroll work.
Re: Thor's Movie Mjolnir...for weaklings

Thanks Chris....this silly hammer is keeping me from working on my shield from I am def. itching to see it finished up.

Re: Thor's Movie Mjolnir...for weaklings

Moving forward with this pet project...

All of the metal bits were grained and then anodized stainless steel in color.

I weathered things using the pic from the USA Weekend (first post) as the ref.

Nice thing about having an anodized base coat is you can wash off mistakes and not be going all the way to shiny metal after cleaning. Its also nice to be able to weather with scotch brite...and just sand some paint off and get some shine back.

Still plugging away on the handle.

Finally found some leather that I like the color hopefully this project will be wrapping up soon.

Thanks for looking...and have a great weekend.
Re: Thor's Movie Mjolnir...for weaklings

Obsessed...but not quite insane.

And with your IM thread progressing....avengers assemble
Re: Thor's Movie Mjolnir...for weaklings

Slowly getting to the bottom of this project.

I was having a hard time justifying sticking this hammer on a I grabbed some inspiration from Odin's weapons vault.

The base still needs some fine pitting and a paint job...but its getting there.

Thanks for looking.
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