Thor's Hammer

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by Keyser, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Keyser

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    I have a project I am working on and need some opinions.

    I picked up a plastic costume version of Mjolnir like the one in the pic. What I want to do it separate the handle from the hammer head so that I can fill both with something to give the plastic hammer some weight.


    One person told me to fill it with some expanding foam then add some lead fishing weights. I’m not sure that will give it the heft I want. Another said to fill it up with glue or rubber cement….. :eek

    I would like something that can be injected into the openings and will expand and harden as it dries.

    So what do you guys think?

  2. Toshi Chris

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    Would sand work? They use sand in cheap plastic work-out style weights.
  3. Kevin Gossett

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    For the head, i used expanding foam, but it is strictly a display piece. You could use resin or silicone and embed pieces of metal (nuts and bolts?) as it is curing.

    For the handle, honestly, it's junk. I replaced mine with wood and leather (you can see the thread in my signature below)
  4. Watson

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    hydrocal would give it some heft and you could mix in some lead fishing weights.
  5. Forge

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    Cheaply, maybe sand mixed with plaster.

    I would agree with Kevin, think about replacing the handle,
    I did mine with 30mm aluminium tube, with a thin leather
    grip stitched with leather cord.
  6. Keyser

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    Good ideas everyone and Kevin, thanks for the links!!!
  7. fletch1

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    you could maybe fill it with some 2 part filler, once thats sets it should give some weight plus it'll be solid!

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