Thor's Hammer Build

Jamie Staff

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Kicking of another casting project. Cast aluminium build of Thor's Hammer, it will be based on the Dark World version and for this project I'm going the using a lost foam method of casting my hope is to get the hammer head made in one cast details and all, so this could be a big win or an epic fail, we'll have to wait and see... The test worked well so here's hoping....

As normal I will be chronicalling the build over several videos.
I'm also starting up a patreon campaign if anyone is interested and will be upload extras to Patreon and our website
Sorry about the blatant self plug :facepalmbut if I'm ever going to be able to more of this stuff I've gotta start somewhere...
Patreon Link

Test Casting
Build Start

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Very cool! I've been wanting to do the same thing myself. I've already built a furnace but havn't started the model process yet.
Could you give me the name of the foam you're using? Looks very nice. I thought polystyrene was pretty much the only foam you could use in lost foam casting.
Are you going to cast the hammer in one pour? I did some calculations with the measurements I know and it comes out at about 12-13 kilos. That's going to be a big pour!
I was thinking of casting it in 3 pieces, main body and the 2 ends and having the ends threaded or something like that.
Anyways, looks really good! Good luck with the pour!

Jamie Staff

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The hope is to be able to do it in one pour, I'll have to check my volume calculations when I'm closer to ready... All pretty experimental, may still end in a flop, I do have a plan B, so at this piont you may be wacthing some how not to do it videos, we'll see, the foam realy is still polystyrene, just a dierent type, extruded polystyrene XPS Foam Board, I believe it comes in different colours, not sure if that would make a difference for what we are doing ? may be worth a test or 2 if you can't find the yellow one.
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Very cool idea. I made one from foam core a while back. A thicker foam like that would be nice, but get what you can afford i guess;)


Hi Jamie Staff

I'm relatively new signing up but love your work and have followed your (amongst others) posts for ages though.

Keep up the fantastic work and look forward to more awesome posts and projects.
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Jamie Staff

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Thanks Mate... Haven't had the chance to to do any of "MY" work in ages, life type stuff and the need to eat work:rolleyes getting in the way hope to get back into some soon, less I go mad...


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Excellent recovery after the initial issues you had. Turned out quite nice!

Did you take apart a resin Mjolnir model to use for your molds? Or did you make those yourself?

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