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Started sketches and serious design talk on my BF's Thor costume last night.

I haven't any of them scanned in yet, but I'll try to keep this thread updated with progress.

He's going to try to get a done-enough outfit for Halloween, which will entail a shirt/vest, the chest armor, cape, hammer and bracers. Kind of a half Thor 2011 and half Avengers style (we found a pic without his arm armor).

I've designed a sleeveless shirt/vest for him to wear under the armor - since you never see it less the piping on the collar, I had fun. It will work as as fantasy vest for renfest too, and takes in the design elements of interwoven circles from the movie costumes (particularly Odin's). Now I get to learn how to block the fabric together. Woot.

For the Armor, we'll be making it an over-the-head peice that latches in the back, with the back flap covering the latches and a belt to hold the flap down. Base materials will be 1/4" foam, 1/8" foam and blue vinyl.

For the cape, we have some lovely red wool - I'm excited to try to get the pleats and folds right. It's just gorgeous in the movie!

Bracers - same materials as armor.

Hammer - modified purchased hammer

And that's the plan so far!
Sounds cool, hope you finish. I had thought about doing a Thor, but I've lost most of my muscle in the last year or so, so if just look funny lol though could always have a muscle suit under the armor
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