Thor: The Dark World Mjolnir 1:1 Resin Hammer Review


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Thor: The Dark World 1:1 Resin Hammer

Quality/Detail: 8/10
Durability: 5/10
Structure: 4/10
Overall (Scores Averaged Out): 5.6/10

This hammer is relatively new considering the post date of this thread and is made in China by a company I unfortunately don’t know of. Since no one who’s bought it has written a review (as far as I know), I decided to go ahead and buy it. A few quick things to mention is that the advertisements basically copy and paste from wikipedia and it doesn’t seem like there’s a huge amount of transparency behind the actual, physical hammer outside of the pictures. For example, it says that the material is polyresin, but failed to say definitively that it’s made of alabastrite, a more brittle terracotta-like polyresin that has a higher rock to resin ratio, which I will get into with the durability category. By the way, the hammer was already broken when I got it out of the box, just a heads-up.

IMG_1881.jpg IMG_1884.jpg IMG_1885.jpg IMG_1883.JPG IMG_1880.jpg
In this section, the hammer hits a very high score, but there were a few small problems. But first, let’s get the good stuff out of the way. The details on the corner sides are very well done, and I have yet to find a single line on the entire hammer that isn’t crisp and sharp. The handle is actually wrapped in what looks like vinyl, so it feels very authentic to hold. On the downside, the paint has strange brown streaks going with the grain lines on the surface. The seemlines could use a tiny bit of work, but that’s very marginal and you’ll only notice the small dots of glue (?) if you’re nose is literally touching the hammer. The biggest ding to the score was the fact that the second I pulled the hammer out of the box, I noticed scratches and chipped paint spots on the silver handle lines, which are also not the same metallic gleam on the hammerhead and instead look more like a plastic sheen. In a few spots on the detailed areas, it looks like the paint clumped, giving it a porous look. But overall, these scuffs and scratches are only visible up-close, you’d barely notice them from half an arm’s length.

Okay, no joke, the second I pulled the hammer out of the box, the handle and the hammerhead weren’t one piece. In fact, as I was pulling it out, the hammerhead was moving to the left and the handle was moving to the right. I sadly looked at the connection area where the handle met the hammerhead, and saw that the entire area had crumbled like a cookie (I’ll get into why that happened in the structure section), and the paint around it was falling away. Since the handle is wrapped in vinyl, expect a lot of wear and tear over time, there are already scratches on it and of course, it’ll probably peel after a while. My main issue with the durability is that the advertisements conveniently didn’t mention that the material the hammer is made of (polyresin) is actually the brittle rocky alabastrite which will crack easily, instead of the cold casted actual indestructible epoxy polyresin. 10 bucks says that a good drop will crack it good. Oh well.

IMG_1882.jpg IMG_1879.JPG
About the whole thing about the handle not being connected to the hammerhead? My theory is that the head was too heavy and the ring at the top of the handle that was supposed to serve as support was way too small to hold it. Engineers, it’s okay to scream right about now, I did too. As for the bottom piece with the strap, as far as I can tell it’s a very solid part that won’t fall away easily. In my opinion, I do think that the handle is a bit small in diameter, but that didn’t count against the score. What really hit it below half was that it was broken in the box already. Maybe I’m just pissed.

Looking at the high quality, but poor durability and structural engineering (along with the weight), I’d highly recommend just using this hammer as a display instead of any kind of use. If you wanna buy a hammer for cosplay and/or carry it around for a while, keep in mind that this thing is over three pounds (1.5kg), then run away screaming. After all, if mine was broken in the box already, what’ll happen if you carry it around for a while? Yeah, I’m really pissed. God dammit.












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