Thor The Dark World - Jane Foster Asgardian Dress


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Hi there!
I'm preparing Jane Foster gold Asgardian dress for a Thor 2 cosplay group this october.


I've found a lot of reference pictures for the dress. The fabric is a gold brocade/jacquard with a darker tone for the background. It's a draped dress on the shoulder.


Plus she has a blue cape, with gold decorations, a gold necklace and a gold bracelet.

6c0658bc1a33b2c2a45c0a3747c579d5.jpg 9ecbc2aad95cd90e2918aabeffc2a809.jpg

I don't actually understand which kind of shoes she has, because I couldn't find a good picture. But from this one, you can see they're gold too.


I'm looking for the right gold jacquard fabric and it's not easy to find the perfect one. I've found this one but I'm not 100% sure. What do you think?

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