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Here we have modeled Odin's Eye patch. Our plan is to print it in ABS plastic, do any post work necessary and Airbrush with Wiked Colors- wiked gold. We'll have a print within a few days. We may explore the option of rubb n buff gold colors and see what gets the best results.

Price: $45

Shipping: $5 usd inside the US and $10 for international shipping.


Primed, and ready for sanding and painting.

Creative Conceptz

Interest list:

1.) CaptainSuperman
2.) HFM member - PAID - SHIPPED






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An idea (that might be to hard to implement). Make the plastic clear or tinted clear, with a thin coat of shiny paint (like sunglasses) so that the wearer can actually see out of it.


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The cost of making it visible and still look good really isn't worth it, especially since you have your other eye unobstructed.

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Another good way to make it seem solid but can be seen through, is to have a custom hydrographic film made with transparent pinholes in the print. That is of course if it were made of molded acrylic that used your 3D print as a form... Just saying...


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Cool Ideas, but I think like RiotJavelinDx mentioned the cost/method of getting it see through and still look right or nice probably isn't there. I think if we tried to make it see through we wouldn't be able to get the nice gold quality we're looking for.

OH yea, the print is DONE! We will take some images shortly.

We could most likely can take a few orders and day and be able to ship them out the next day! We will post images of a final version and then if enough interest is built, begin taking payments.

Bryan - Creative Conceptz


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Odin is ready for molding or ready to be painted, depending on how much interest there is for this piece...we are considering just printing and finishing them by the order instead of molding and casting them, again depending on the amount of interest.

Images of it painted added to the first post.
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