Thor Muolnir Bootleg Hammer


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If you ever seen any of my other post, you know I'm not the best, most accurate prop builder but I do get inspired. So this Thanksgiving I saw a 4 lb hand sledge hammer and decided I needed a Mjölnir hammer. You'll see in the photos the original 4lb hammer with steel (ree) bars wrapped around the head. I found the heaviest bars i could to get as much weight as possible. Then I built a wooden frame with quarter-round trim inside to create the beveled edges. I poured a full 12ozs of bondo in and it barely covered the bottom. Then the investment began, 5 cans later. I wish, wish, wish I'd been able to find a gallon can and saved about $40 and actually had enough to fill the frame completely. The best part of the build is when i popped off the frame, it actually worked! I scribed in some made up symbols and the quote from the good Thor hammer prop. And this is where I am now:

Next steps; stain the handle, painted the head, and add the leather straps. And i was even thinking about getting crazy and buying an electro-magnet at Radio Shack for the base because there's enough metal in this hammer to hold it in place for a cool effect. What'd you guys think?


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I think I've got the photos figured out. so...

original hand sledge hammer with reibar
wooden form for bondo
first pour of bondo into frame
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