THOR Movie Dr. Donald Blake NY ID Picture Help Needed!


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Okie Dokie,

I am trying to recreate the Dr. Donald Blake Id card as seen in THOR recently, and I ran into some troubles trying to find the appropriate photo of THOR/Blake for the ID. If anyone could help me out I would be forever indebted to you!

Here is the image from


Below is my progress...

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Re: THOR Movie Dr. Donald Blake NY ID

Okay well I see there are no responses about the correct photo but I will be adding the signature to the Sample tonight.

Again, if anyone comes up with something for the photo please help.
Alright.... so I am still a bit unsatisfied with the Donald Blake photo.

On the viral site the pic was more similar to my realized prop. however the pic on the ID in the film features him smiling, as this pic is implied to have come from Darcy's iphone snap in the cafe where THOR enjoys coffee for the first time.
Okay so I have updated the photo and now we have the goofy THOR cheese ball smiling image as it appears in the film. I will post a pic of the realized ID with a screen cap once that is completed. I also corrected the signature size and angle!
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