Thor goddess of thunder helmet


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Hey there!

This is is my first thread about my latest cosplay: Thor the new goddess of thunder (no, please don't call her "lady Thor", it's just Thor)
Soooo here it comes

the helmet was the most difficult part
So first of all I got this, I bought it in a toy store
Then I did the rest of the helmet with paper-mâché
image.jpg image.jpg
and I gave it almost the right form. After that I used stucco and sandpaper to smoot it out
then with a cutter I carved the symbol on the forehead
And kept on shooting with sandpaper and several layers of glue
image.jpg image.jpg
When I was satisfied with the smoothness obtained, it was the painting time!
Then I just added some details and voilà!
This is my complete cosplay with my friend as malekith
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