Thor Elite Costume


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Well, I took the plunge and bought one last night. Got it for $88 free shipping.
I'm not a fan of costumes in bags, but they are getting a bit better. I'm a gym rat and have found that I can fill out otherwise "iffy" costumes.
A couple years ago, I bought a Cap costume, pictured here and pulled it off pretty good.

Now I have to find a good wig, helmet, and hammer...any suggestions? Cap 1.jpg
Lace-front wigs are your best bet for a natural-looking hairline. I've been really happy with Arda (though I haven't gotten a lace-front from them yet), but another friend of mine just bought a couple from WigIsFashion that she's very happy with.
Well, it came in the mail and I am pretty impressed. It's a little tough to put on as I have broad shoulders. The wrist thingys are the cheapest part of it. The Velcro came off immediately. Considering I only paid $88 I am very happy. If I paid over $100, not so much.
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