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My name is Ole and I'm a Norwegain costume builder. I've consentrated mostly on Star Wars costumes. So far I've got Jango, Vader, Stormtrooper and Sandtrooper and an Obi-Wan costume.

For the Avengers premier I'm interested in making a Thor costume. A couple of friends of mine has an Ironman and a Captain America, so a Thor would go great with these.

So far I've started growing my hair, beard and building muscle. While working on this I'm looking into the costume parts, and one thing has me stumped. The silver undersuit. I see that it's some kind of foam glued to a suit. But I can't get my head around it.

Any tips on how to make this or people to contact for a custom made one?


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Well.... not only Master Darthchiro makes them... I will have pictures to put up in some days of what the arms I make look like.... If one may wish to check, they will look in many respects similar to my Doctor Doom Armor, which many of you may have seen in the appropriate thread here in the Costuming Section... :)


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ok sounds good id like to see what you have come up with cause his are movie accuraten with foam mucles sewn into the fabric like flexdesign costumes


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Im trying to do the same thing but i was thinking of rather than making the costume cos i unfortunatly dont have the time. i would rather buy it but thats turning out kinda difficult. if anyone has any ideas, it would be very very appreciated.


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Im building the thor movie version, any ideas on how to do the arms would be great , currently im working on quilting vinyl for the arms and its coming out...okay.


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Hey guys,

DarthChiro was banned from the RPF because of sales related issues, hence the removal of his contact details.

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