Thor Avengers style armor display (wip)


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I know I have many, many projects going on right now, but I could help my self to add two more. This one is going to be Thor's armor from the waist up, plus his hammer, cape, and helmet. I am going off the Avengers movie style but with no sleeves. Then when it is finished it will be wearable, but mostly for display.


I've had a browse at the few images I've seen of Thor in the Avengers and he seems to have 2 costumes. One has no mail sleeves and reminds me very much of the 'retro' Thor. The torso armour seems to be a little different, as do the bracers.
His other is similar to the 'Thor' version. Again the gauntlets are different. I haven't seen much of the armour but believe it is the same or very similar to his stand alone movie. The trousers and boots may be different for both Avengers movie costumes.


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plz post tutorials and list of materials cause this is a projecto I wanted to star also but don't have many ideas :S


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Here is the first start. I started with the belt area by cutting foam from a paper template I made.


This is the armor I am trying to achieve.



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I decided to take a break from the armor part and work on the hammer. I am using pepakura for the head of the hammer. I was able to get most of the card stock printed, cut out, folded, and glued together today. Hopefully by tomorrow it will have some resin in it.



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In that new pic, Thor looks like he lost some bulk from the "Thor" movie. Cap also from other shots. Might also be the new costumes.

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