Thor and Captain America (9-12months)

Viktor Boskovic

New Member
So it's my twin boys first birthday party next weekend and its a superhero themed party. (Mainly for the older kids/adults). it's near impossible to find decent costumes for them in the UK so I've knocked these up with a couple of vests.


Captain America was an old blue Mickey Mouse vest. I had to use the dark blue circle to cover te original design (I can't believe how hard it was to find a plain blue vest or babygrow on the highstreet). His shield is a bit if strong card cut into a circle with a cut from the end to the centre and folded to create a slight conicle effect. The colours are again layers of felt. There is some elastic on the inside to attach it to his arm just for photos at the start.

Thor was a dark navy blue vest with four felt circles glued to it. The cape is a plain red made of felt. It has two small squares of Velcro to fasten it on. His hammer is a small box covered in grey felt with an old toilet roll tube covered in brown felt for the handle.

The boys don't like hats so I've not bothered with eye masks or helmets etc. I'll probably put them in blue and grey jogging pants respectively. Depends on the weather. The long bits of felt above each costume with be wristbands fasten able with Velcro when I get hold of some more.

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