Thor: Age of Ultron (rule 63 costume)

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    Chest piece was the first part, made out of foam on top of a bra, laces up in the back with a back panel on top of that (basically a foam corset with inlaid pieces of blue fabric and metal hardware accents). Next was the cape; 3 pieces sewn together with pleats and a plastic wire base to keep the shape. Pleats kept in place with heat-activated fabric glue tape. The arm bands were made out of foam and elastic bands. There is a blue undershirt that was just a blue tshirt with the sleeves cut off and some silver puff paint to add the trim elements (the sleeves went into the chestpiece). The pants are just black pants with panels cut out to show the chainmail, which was made out of duct tape squared glued onto foam sheets, and some pleather strips for borders. The tunic bottom is an elastic band as a belt that holds a layer of blue (another tshirt same color as undershirt) and a layer of vinyl. The boots have foam, hardware, and puff paint details built onto some black boots from ebay. The hammer was the toy hammer from either Thor 1 or the first Avengers movie with a new paint job and some leather added onto the handle. The end piece is the top of a travel size shaving cream can with puff paint filigree, silver base coat, and weathered with acrylic black. Basically every other piece was also weathered with acrylic black to add some shadows and age.

    DSC_0787+edit.jpg DSC_0703+edit.jpg DSC_0740-1_edit.jpg
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    Here are some progress photos. More at When you look closely, nothing is entirely "screen accurate," but I had to make it work with what I had... so don't judge too harshly :$

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    Just awesome))) :thumbsup maybe you need a longer handle for hammer? but all the rest - awesome)
  4. Jill Sowell

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    thanks. yeah, for the hammer, it was just easier to build it on top of a toy I already had than to find some expensive model kit.
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    Between this and your Star lord, you seem crazy resourceful. Great work!
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    That looks amazing! by far one of my favorite female Thor costumes yet.
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    Really nicely done... and fun pics, too! =D
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    Awesome work...I'm looking forward to building a Thor outfit if it looks half as good as yours I'll be happy

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