This could be the scariest prop ever


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I know this is going to cause a ruckus. I'm SUUUUREEE there's OODLES of Twilight fans just pining for Edward while polishing their SE-14R short range blaster scope.

Here's the version MTV received:

Here's the screen-used in the rain, right before Jacob tosses it to the ground so he can rip off his shirt to expose his rippling abs.

Here's the envelope as delivered to the Volturi:

I have several Twilight fans in my life, so I thought I'd give this one a try. The movie version doesn't have a wax seal, but damn they're so much fun:

My invite is foil stamped on Crane's lettra paper:

Mmm...Crane's makes good paper.

Just for fun, I had one of the calligraphers in my guild create the Volturi envelope:
That's great! Dare I say I enjoy the films. My fiance loves them and they are strangely addicting like soap operas. Great prop and love the seal!
The seal was a challenge and is definitely my favorite part. I fought the movies for so long. I read the first book and didn't enjoy it. But, I do enjoy the movies for what they are.

I posted a for sale thread in the junkyard in case anyone is interested.

Cool fact... My last name is Swan and I'm from Washington State... Jus gotta find me a Twi-hard named Bella!!!
Sadly I spend a lot of money on stamps to mail out patches LOL I bought probably 3-4 books of these last year. :)
It's such an odd choice for a wedding stamp, but I guess the woodsy-look fits with Oregon.

They weren't expecting to deal with us. They figured no one would notice, lol.

Nice work here. My girlfriend made me read all four of the books, and though the writing style was fairly infantile and childish, and the main character was a Mary Sue if I'd ever read one before, the story clearly worked on some level for some people. Some new interesting concepts there, but I'd not equate the series with Harry Potter or LotR, not by a long shot.
Can a million flies be wrong, crap tastes good...
(just a saying that popped into my mind)
Letters look good. I'm pretty sure I'd start screaming if I got one.

The movies have a decent comic value, as a teenager drama, they suck and they suck bad.(IMO)


(oh, and it wasn't my intention to insult anyone. If I did, sorreeh....)
My wife received hers today--She loved it! She was so surprised. It was better than flowers. Thanks again for doing this.
That's a amazing piece. Great job on it. Where did you got that paper from? I need it to replicate my original letters from Hermione Granger (Movie 1 owlpost scene).
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