This auction is NOT cool...

SD Studios

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Is this somebody here???

Who is Quantum Replicas???

Star Trek hero Assault Phaser, movie prop, Shatner autograph, Captain Kirk | eBay

That pic of William Shatner signing a plaque was taken by us at MR. It was NOT taken so you could swipe it for your product.

The pic was copyrighted and it makes me suspect the authenticity of your Shatner autograph. Even if the auto is real, I doubt WS would agree to use it for a bootleg certificate that had a pic of him signing a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT licensed plaque for the MR Communicator.

You even copied the MR signature-edition certificate fold-out format. (which, while far less-offensive, was not very creative or original on your part...)

It just doesn't make any sense. Bad move.

For reference, here is the original MR certificate that I helped design. Bryan Ono took the WS picture for MR:

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Extremely bad form in fact I would probably see what excuse the bay has for not doing anything about it.

Alan Castillo

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The usage of 'Quantum' to top it all tells me whoever it is was once 'close' to you Steve. Too many coincidences.

Did you email the seller asking provenance etc ?

Hellclaw 01

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A sticker on the bottom of the handle instead of an engraved plaque? It looks bad too, you can see the pixelation on the edges where the red meets the white.

Who is this Robert M. Fox? The top google search yields a bankruptcy attorney in NY. :LOL

No result for "Quantum Replicas" though. You would think if they had the Trek license they would have a website or something. :rolleyes

Alan Castillo

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The item in question is a total 'fake' from A to Z. Steve, again, I would ask the seller of its origins, and try to track down the original source.


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Who ever it is, given the detail, they seemed to know a bit about the collecting world but have quite a few inconsistencies in the description. Like they are playing on those who do not know enough about hero versus stunt pieces. This reeks of a rip off con artist, you could not type up that much information without knowing a bit about it. Mr Fox seems to be a crafty one, 3 bids.

Huge military game and collector from his past auctions.


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What is the mistake like Steve said is stealing an image of Bill signing a MR piece. I think the guy may have bought it and is just selling it off probably and has no idea that the image is in question . Or he could just be using the picture to hype the piece and the bogus autograph.

I don't think Ebay will pull the auction. Unless your willing to fax them documents that prove you are the copyright owner and by that time he will have sold the item. Your best bet Steve is to email the dude direct on Ebay tell him who you are and why your concerned about the auction. If he is cool then he will comply .

I have had someone recently copy my exact description word for word and STEAL my exact images to sell something. Now talk about being in your face plain as day and Ebay did jack after calling them and reporting the item. If he is a real scammer he will sell more then one. But Ebay will do what they want and nobody can change that.

Your first copyright offense is a warning no matter what it is thats a fact . Second offense you will get a suspension from 3-7 days next they will suspend you for life. I just went threw this with a piece of garbage its frustrating .

Jonny B

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Looks like a CoolModels copy of the phaser

Third switch, nearest the handgrip, see the little dots on it? What letter in braille might that be..."J" maybe?

Honestly this looks a hell of a lot like a copy of one I did as a commision piece for someone a while ago (5 years maybe?). It was suposed to be used for a "Fan Film" and returned or paid for, I never saw a dime, never saw a film.
I wish I still had some pictures so I could be 100% on this but I've since had a computer die on me and it took all my old pics with it...and I've made others of these since and they kind of blur togeather.
One thing I AM sure of: I put a "J" somewhere on every piece I make.

Contacting seller.


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So he used your prop with his pictures what a piece of work.

Thats your best bet make contact and see what his response is that will tell the whole story .


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What is the deal with the edition number?? Did this guy just make up a number an put it on the COA to make it look collectable :lol:lol:lol.

Jonny B

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What is the deal with the edition number?? Did this guy just make up a number an put it on the COA to make it look collectable :lol:lol:lol.

Oh no, he put some actual work into this ripoff.

He needed one of these:

for $6.00

Had to download this:

for free.

AND...he needed a pen.

Honestly I think the hardest part would be not laughing his *** off while he signed it as "Vice President".


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With a little Googling you will see this is not the first time it's popped up for sale, can't say if it had all the 'supporting' paperwork before but it's been floated around...

SD Studios

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I sent this:

Hello. This is Steve D. I was one of the founders of Master Replicas and the VP of product design. I would like to ask why you are using the picture WE took of Shatner signing our signature edition communicator plaques on YOUR certificate?

Are you aware that these kinds of pictures are copyrighted? You can't just "swipe" it for your use. Since you "lifted" a pic of Shatner signing a completely different (licensed) plaque, it makes the Shatner signature on your cert "questionable" at best...eBay looks very badly on these kinds of copyright violations.

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