Thinking of Selling My Qmx Mal Pistol. Price?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Schmusey, Oct 19, 2011.

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    So I am seriously considering parting with my Qmx Malcolm Reynolds Stunt Pistol Replica and am wondering what a decent market price for one is these days? It's been on display (smoke-free of course) and I still have all the original docs/boxes in mint condition. I put this in the main forum and not the junkyard because I am currently still debating/mentally fist-fighting with my inner-fanatic. Anybody recently sell theirs or pick one up? Thanks for any and all input. :):thumbsup

  2. Schmusey

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    End of the night Bump
  3. pennausamike

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    I saw one go on eBay for a little over fifty bucks a while back.
    Also saw one bring about the original retail price of $160.
    The only thing you can do is list it for what you want,
    if no one bites, say you are considering offers,
    if the offers are too low; keep it.

    The QMx Mal pistol falls about here on the desirable list:

    Model 47A brass replica
    Sidkit-brass plated
    Sidkit- painted/blued/still a kit
    phillipes-resin cast Firefly version
    QMx-resin movie version
    Wilco-pretty close to a Mal pistol

    There have been a whole bunch of one-offs or just-a-couple-made versions.
    Someone released a handful of resin kits cast in Sidero's metal Mal molds.
    Someone on eBay has been selling a resin Mal that looks like it is recast from a partially assembled Sidkit.
    The original Model 47 brass version is also out there in lower numbers,
    but I have never seen one come up for sale.

  4. Schmusey

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    :lol Wow I hadn't realized that there were so many more sophisticated builds out there. I would love to get my hands on a metal one. I'm guessing these Sidkits were a limited run years ago? Either way I think I'll keep mine if all I would be able to get is my original price. I am far too attached to it. Thanks for the info!
  5. CeSquared

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    I bought one from the JY back in April for I believe $175 but it included the stand and plaque which is what I actually wanted the most for my 47a
  6. jason1976

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    $50. ? Why do I always miss the cheap stuff. :( I look, and look, and look. I even have that as one of my saved searches on ebay. and I missed it again. I'm always hearing about folks getting them that cheep. (I always heard of folks getting MR sabers and blaster really cheep too.) I've got some deals in my day, but never like that.

    I have wanted that version of Mal's pistol for years, but really want to get it on the cheep.

    The list above is true for some, but not for all. There are actually even more versions out there, but most are not worth mentioning. The thing is, other then a few underground castings, and the short run Sidkit did before he died, the QMx version is the only serenity Mal pistol on that list. Sidkit's other ones, and Phil's, Wilco's, the 47A, and the rest are all the show version. Witch to a fan like me, makes a difference.

    I love the show version, and have 2 (A sidkit, and one of Phil's castings) But I would still love to have one of the licensed QMx serenity pistols.
    I have a spot picked out for it in my collection and everything. :lol
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  8. jason1976

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    Well, I said, aside from Sidkit, and some underground folks, QMx was the only ones to do a serenity version. So I did kind of say that Sidkit did do some.

    I didn't know it was only to buyer of his other version. I just know I did buy his other one, and I think he did offer me the serenity version as well. My metal Sidkit Mal firefly version, is by far the most expensive prop I own, and probably ewver will, i wasn't going to turn around after getting it, and buy a very similar, but less popular, gun, for around the same price. I'm happy (enough) with my Sidkit firefly, but I would just like a nice resin QMx serenity version. (lower price, comes finished, in a finish I can live with, and if it gets stolen, or broken, I wouldn't have to hunt down who ever did it, like the dogs they are, like I would for my Sidkit firefly version.)
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    I'm new and don't know the etiquette, so if this isn't the right way to reply I apologize. I just made a post in the new member WTB thread concerning this type of item.

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