Thermal Detonator Kit on eBay


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There are two thermal detonator kits on ebay at the moment - one in resin and one in metal. Has anyone seen or know anything about these?


Yeah, I took the plunge. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS GUY. All he ships you is:
  • The Velleman's MK 102 Flashing LED kit you can pick up from Fry's Outlet for $2.99
  • The 20 second Recording Module from Electronics123 dot Com for $6.95
  • And a metal casing you screw together that is likely from a plumbing supply store
That's it. This guy is a total schmuck, charging $120 bucks for THAT???! He doesn't even put the kit together!!! Forget about him and make your own.

Here's what you do... get the Velleman's kit because it's a good one, some Radio Shack LED protectors, a long bolt/two threaded screw holders/nuts from the local hardware supply store, and get Electronic123's 50sec Recording USB Module (cuz it's smaller and longer audio, and you can record options using your computer).

Then, watch the Thermal Detonator tutorial on YouTube for the rest. For under $30, you've got TBone9600's TD. Very simple. Looks awesome.
Ah man, sorry to hear that. :cry I was skeptical when he wouldn't send me any pics of a finished kit.

Thanks for the tips on building your own. Have you done that? You should start a build thread, I'm sure lots of people would appreciate it.

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