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Couldn't find an appropriate thread to add this to so it's a fresh one I'm afraid.

I've had a slight resurgence of interest in prop collecting - inspired largely by the Tomenosuke blaster (pictured below) but especially the Blade Runner 2049 movie.

Having sold off a fair few 'Gucci' items in recent years, like the 2019 JW Whiskey bottle [sigh], my current display looks a little depleted but it'll build again all in good time (yes, the Kyriazi tin is screen accurate!).

The main reason for this thread is to show the LED screen I've installed above the 'collection' which I feel sets it off nicely with a rotating set of 'neon' Blade Runner themed images suspended above; artwork, screen grabs etc. There's a few pics of props too which fills 'holes' in the collection, albeit digitally.

For those interested, this is an LG 32LK6100 (32") which has a slightly unusual, bulky bezel design that I feel mimics certain aesthetics in 2049 (e.g. the Denabase) - and the franchise as a whole. It even reminds me somewhat of the Off World blimp's display in 2019.


Some of the 170 or so curated images on rotation... all hail and props to the original artists. (y)


Has anyone else done something similar?
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Very cool. I've starting using little mini posters in acrylic frames. I don't have any pictures of my display but I use these frames:

Bent Acrylic Picture Frame

They are small and don't take up a lot of space and I just find posters or custom images online and shrink them down. I really like the look of it so far and it shows people what the items are from, if it isn't immediately recognizable.

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That's a neat idea. How did you get the monitor to display images without a PC? I thought at first it was one of those digital picture frame type things.


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I actually agonised about what to get for this; a 'smart' TV (Wi-Fi etc), a 'dumb' TV, a PC monitor, a digital frame or a dedicated display signage screen. All had their pros and cons but it came down to the smart TV which won on 'bang for buck' / size vs capability. Dedicated display signage pricing for a similar size is nothing short of CRIMINAL!

The slide show is run from a Google Chromecast device using the Ambient Mode feature. I thought it'd be a pain in the neck to set up but it was pretty much plug and play (pics uploaded to Google Photos). Smart TVs usually can display photos in a slideshow direct from a USB stick - but there's little to no control over slide duration, transitions etc and you have to start it manually every time. With this setup, I can programme the TV to come on (and switch off) whenever I want and the slideshow kicks in straight away. :)


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I've got the bug now... so another Sunday afternoon quick project.

Here I've used an old digital frame to display randomised images from various screens in 2049, inspired by Lt. Joshi's deskware. Added some random greeblies, a few licks of grey and black paint, a small bit of red accent cut from a roll of 'FRAGILE' parcel tape then some scraping/silver sharpie here and there to accent the edges and weather it down a little. JVC logo home printed and whacked on with a glue stick. The logo's a little rough and doesn't stand up to close scrutiny but it sets it off I think. Took about 90 minutes, all-in.

Hope you like! (y)

If you're wondering what the stand is, with all the aerial shenanigans, it's literally just screwed onto an old Belkin Router at an angle. :cool:


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A memory bearing illuminated with a cheap (£3.99) LED stand and a bit of fiddlery and painting of the cap of a glue stick. The 'memory' itself is a little overexposed here. Exposure range a bit too extreme for my camera's phone.