The Wrath of the Titans Trailer

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by KnightAsylum, Dec 19, 2011.

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    Wrath of the Titans (2012) - IMDb

    Looks better than the first one (not that that's very difficult to achieve), though I DO wish they'd stop showing off what I assume to be the final monster in the trailers. Takes all the fun out of it.
  4. DavidS

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    hmm wow
  5. King Ranger

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    The action and effects look interesting and it's nice to see their version of the titans but the music just killed it for me. But after turning the volume off, I was like 'ok I'll rent it.'
  6. Art Andrews

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    WOW! I thought the remake of Clash of the Titans was almost unwatchable, but that trailer looks AWESOME!!! I can't imagine that this movie will actually be good, but it sure looks exciting!
  7. Art Andrews

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    Oh, and I LOVE Rosamund Pike's very functional costume as Andromeda! That is very very cool.

    View attachment 78150
  8. Scareb

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    This looks sweeeeeeeet
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    Ditto ditto. As long as they limit the modern music to the trailer, I can deal with it. (And that's a cover I've never heard before, so I'm kind of intrigued by it.) But it has no place in the movie itself. That's something "A Knight's Tale" got away with, and it'll probably never work again.
  10. Nwerke

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    Yeah, we'll see. They overpromised and under-delivered last time, in a very big way. Smells of desperation for a franchise...

    Beg to differ. :p
  11. Guy Cowen

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    COTT was a shocker at best, this did have some eye candy in it for sure but not all candy is sweet and I cant see this being anything other than a cgi muppet movie with swords and fire as a side dish.

    WOTT (exactly) What?
  12. Werstrooper

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    backed hard!
  13. mmarlon brando

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    Ralph Fiennes should only play bad guys. One line in the trailer, and he delivers it perfectly.
  14. Wes R

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    I think I'll stick to the original Clash and the other movies that were made of that type. The effects in movies these days are worse than the worst 80s effects.
  15. Nexus6

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    I was entertained by 'CotT', & I will most likely enjoy this one too.

    Not having Gemma Arterton :)love) in the cast makes me a forlorn panda, though. :(

    I could listen to her voice for a thousand years, even if she was b*tching at me.
  16. kursosawa

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    Um...isn't this basically the same thing as "Immortals"? Eh, I'll still watch it if only to see Fines's and Neeson ham it up.
  17. JoMamma_Smurf

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    I liked the trailer for the first one.... It sucked the big one. I have zero hope for this one and even less interest in seeing it.
  18. Risu

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    I am excite. It also gives me hope that Prince of Persia will get a second chance.
  19. Lando

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    Looks cool, hopefully it won't disappoint
  20. Goonie

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    I enjoyed the original. I enjoyed the remak. I'll probably enjoy this one.

    Is this one in 3D? Are they gonna screw it like they did with the first one?
  21. rodneyfaile

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    How come some epic movies dont feel very epic? Is it because I am older? When I watch the original Clash of the Titans, it just seems like a much bigger adventure. I wanted the remake to be on a Lord of the Rings scale.
  22. Hecubus114

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    It's not your age. Epic movies require an epic effort from the people making them. Something that is rare nowadays.
  23. Nwerke

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    LOTR had helicopter shots of the cast in full makeup and costume running or hiking along mountain ridges in inaccessible parts of New Zealand. Even crowd scenes shot for real up in the mountains (albeit less inaccessible ones in that particular case). For that you need a whole infrastructure just to support the flying, let alone the makeup artists, costume department, camera, lighting, art departments etc etc. The logistical effort is huge and New Line realized those films couldn't be done on the cheap. They spent $200M and even then that WAS, effectively, 'on the cheap' considering filming in NZ was comparatively inexpensive (and that they got three films for that price).

    Not to run down the logistics of CotT and WotT, which I'm sure were not inconsiderable, but I'm sure their makers would agree they verge on being quickie, cheapie stuff by comparison.
  24. cptmycpt24

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    Wasn't a an of Clash of the Titans remake but WRATH looks good.

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