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so it was not like i had enough to do i decided i wanted a wolfman costume based on the one in the 2011 film. the movie rocked!! this will take awhile....

i have the head,teeth and digilegs started.

i have to make a body cast for the torso sculpt.

here is the head sculpt. i am almost done with it. it will be pulled from ecoflex as one piece. then trimmed,seamed, painted. then i have to punch a ton of hair. the mask will be glued down so the i can wear dentures that protrude outward from the bottom jaw.



here is the rough sculpt for the dentures. the wolfman in the movie, the bottom teeth over laped the top teeth.

i will not be able to talk or drink with the dentures in.


the cool thing is i had to build digilegs. took me a little while to figure it out but i got them to work. i need to trim off the excess metal and screws tips. i plan to sculpt right over these. takes alittle time to get used to the legs. i also wear knee braces but forgot to put them on for the pics.


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Re: "the wolfman" costume......WIP

Love the sculpt so far -- can't wait to see the progress on this. I've always preferred the wolfman look over a werewolf.
Re: "the wolfman" costume......WIP

That looks like it is coming alone nicely... keep up the amazing work. I am so looking forward to seeing the progress of your build... because that head sculpt is wicked awesome.
Re: "the wolfman" costume......WIP

thanks, guys. this is going to be a huge project for me. i hope to have it done by feb.
Re: "the wolfman" costume......WIP


here are my dentures that look like crap on a stick. :angry luckily i have a friend who is a dentist that makes dentures for a living. he goes by SithariRog on a couple of forums and he said he would redo them and make them look awesome! YA!!!!:love

here are the sorry pics of my sad dentures......:cry:cry


Re: "the wolfman" costume......WIP

This is gonna look great! Can't wait for the finished piece. I've been wanting to do a werewolf with digitgrade legs for a while. Could you share how you made them? And do you have any other pictures of the 'feet', possibly showing the part under the shoe? thanks
Re: "the wolfman" costume......WIP

thanks. all i am standing on is 8th of an inch steel that is as wide as my foot. bent into the leg shape with wood bolted to the steel and the shoe bolted to the steel. then i took spray foam to cover the steel so i could sculpt over it.

there is not a whole lot to it.

i just watched several vids on youtube

here are a couple.

Digitigrade Werewolf Legs / Stilts - YouTube

Arbiter Digitigrade Stilts test, June 2008. - YouTube

WETA Legs stilts at Maker Faire - YouTube
Re: "the wolfman" costume......WIP

I'm in the process of planning my own WETA legs as well. I noticed your stilts do not have support past the knees (thigh area) as WETA's does. Do you think this is not necessary?
Here's a link of this guy who pretty much copied Kim Graham's WETA legs design and it's pretty elaborate to build.

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