The Wolf (Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf)


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Hey guys! My brother told me about this movie, Medium Raw: Night of the Wolf, and how it had a guy wearing a metal wolf suit. It sounded cool to me, so I went and watched it.

I more or less skimmed through to the parts where the suit was, and I thought it was pretty slammin'. I'd like to try to re-create it sometime, but reference materials are lacking. I've cropped a couple of the posters to show you guys what I'm talking about.



And a YouTube video: (Apparently one of the actresses now has the suit, I couldn't see it really well)
BK_vblog (01-22-11) The WOLF costume - Medium - YouTube

I don't have any way to take screen caps from the movie, but that might be another possible way to get good references for building.

It looks to me like a guy in a leather/cloth bodysuit with leather shoulder and neck pieces, metal gauntlets, and the metal wolf head.

I would appreciate any thoughts or input from you all about the suit.

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