Limited Run The Winter Soldier S.H.I.E.L.D. ID Badge


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I *am* making the blue security ID badge as seen in Captain America The Winter Soldier. I have finished the template, and the test run for both sides, and am now making this an official run thread.

For those who have seen my other items, you know I only produce what I feel is as close to screen accurate as possible. And I feel I have done so, now. But what's missing from the badge is your photo and your Level Access. So I will need both from you.




So if you are in, post here, and you can send the payment of $25 ($27 if outside the US) to me at and I will post when they ship.

Please note that these are printed in batches of seven, so when I get seven orders in, I'll print a batch. If I feel there is a lag, I'll print the orders I have, seven or not.

Please note that you will have to buy your own clip at your local office supply store or WalMart.

01 - BobaTrek
02 - enterprise0216 - PAID
03 - enterprise0216 - PAID
04 - enterprise0216 - PAID
05 - renaissance_man - Level 7 - PAID
06 - Fadedsky
07 - SpiderBilly - Level 7 - PAID
08 - Captain France - Level 9 - PAID
09 - bluecoyote - Level 7 - PAID
10 - bikemancs - Level 7 - PAID
11 - bikemancs - Level 7 - PAID
12 - Stormshadow
13 - Stormshadow
14 - Stormshadow
15 - BankOfMom
16 - toolman0701
17 - tripoli - Level 9 - PAID
18 - Orion13
19 -
20 -








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The good news is that the test badges are completed. The bad news is that I will not be able to pick them up because I'm out of town until Monday. Sigh.


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These look amazing! Great job! I love the SHIELD eagle chip sticker on the lower right. I will definitely be buying one of these this week.
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