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The Warriors (1979) - original props/wardrobe?

General Ursus

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The Warriors is one of my favourite movies, so I was just wondering does anyone have any original prop or piece of wardrobe from that movie, or knows where some of it might be!?

I vaguely remember one jacket without patch being sold on an auction long time ago, but that's the only time I've seen anything from the movie being sold or offered.


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I believe the vest Cochese wore was auctioned off by Profiles in History in 2006. Went for $15,000!


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There were a few of the Warriors vests auctioned off all through Profiles. The latest one was last year.

Also, the golden closet sold a few items from the movie years ago. Here's Rembrants vest from a private collection bought through the golden closet.


Heres the archived links to their site when it was available:

and heres the link when they had Cochise's pants/boots/belt
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I watched The Warriors as a young kid and always wanted to know what happened to the outfits (from all the gangs). I'm sure a lot were just tossed out way back when. Such a shame.

General Ursus

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There's a warbird, presumably taken of one of "The Warriors" jackets, appearing on a jacket in "The Lost Boys' movie. Here's the photo of it, from the Prop Store site:


It was always my wish to get the original jacket. Knowing the price they go for, I'll stick with the Satamother's one I got from Ebay few years ago. :lol
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