The Walking Dead Birthday Cake - Characters sculpted in sugar


Hi everyone,

Every year for my husband's birthday (Gorgot3000 on this forum, the Dark Helmet dude lol), I make him a special cake. And this year I decided to bring the challenge up a notch (yeah right)! I wanted to make everything out of sugar and cake, everything edible. So all I used was Cake, Sugar paste, fondant and food coloring.

I must say that I am no cake artist, it's the third cake I do with fondant and gumpaste. I have a bit of sculpting background and I used to be a florist. and to tell you the truth, gumpaste scupture is everything but easy!

I wanted to make a whole action scene with zombies and everything... with 2 weeks and a whole lot of stress, I came up with this... Im pretty proud of it :D

I am sure, that walking dead fans will enjoy this as much as my husband!

Enough talking... pictures worth a thousand words!

The big scenery

Rick Grimes




And the happy husband:

You can see the whole gallery here:


or here:

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Re: The Walking Dead Birthday Cake

Love it, trying to get misses to make a chestburster Cake for my birthday next week!
Re: The Walking Dead Birthday Cake

That is very very cool... and you can tell who is who, which is amazing! :confused
Re: The Walking Dead Birthday Cake

Awesome! Carl shouldn't be there though, Lori should be off looking for always.
Re: The Walking Dead Birthday Cake

Haha! that's why she is looking the other way and I have put him on a pile of wrecked cars ;)
Well, we did ate parts of the Winnebago... and maybe dale that was seated in the driver' seat. oops.

But the sugar characters are going straight in our showroom.
That looks amazing!! That must have been so much fun to eat, I can just imagine everyone fighting over who gets to eat each figure. How fun is that? It really does look great.
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