The Visit (Post-release)


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I am glad you liked it. Been hearing lot of good things about the movie. Still waiting for its release here.

Though the ding dong bit is getting pretty old. His last name is quite shorter than that, it's Shyamalan.


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I like M. Night Shyamalan (well, I like The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, The Village and Signs) and I tend to like the faux documentary/found footage movies. I liked this but, I don't think it got up to the level of his better films. I didn't feel the big build-up and the suspense that I usually get from a Shyamalan film - I think it tried and tried very hard to get the suspense level up but just didn't work at the level it really needed to.

There were some strong moments - but, ultimately the ending sequence wasn't quite long enough for me and felt rushed to me. The young lead actress gave a strong performance; the older gentlemen was pretty by-the-books but sparked a bit towards the end.

It's definitely well worth a watch.


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Amazing he still gets money to make these! :lol

Looks like he financed it him self.

Who says Hollywood is dumb!!
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Wes R

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The commercials were interesting but at this point his name on a movie puts me off it as much as Bay's name on a film.
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